Independence Day Fervor

Tomorrow, July 4th 2012, CERN is set to release info on the Higgs boson. Though I am hoping they found it and our world will soon be flush with many new and wonderful NOVA documentaries as Brian Greene, Michio Kaku and Neil Degrasse Tyson thoroughly break down what the discovery means for the world, both science and regular. If there is one major lesson life and Public Enemy have taught me it is ‘Don’t believe the hype’ and Higgs boson has way too much hype surrounding it. Okay maybe it is a slow news week, having so many twenty four hour news channels and online news magazines, you need something to fill time. I just suspect that CERN had some news they wanted to release and the media caught wind of it and blew it up, damn dirty apes. The fact is that CERN had set up a gathering to release current findings directed at the Higgs boson which they do all the time by the way. That is what researchers involved in costly, heavily funded experiments have to do all the time, update people on findings to prove that they aren’t spending all the cash trying to find the whore gene or the cocaine atom. I can guarantee you, that US media outlets grabbed hold of this story  because it was set for the 4th of July, our independence day, media organizations love angles like that. Media organizations seem to forget that our independence day is different from other countries equivalent day of skyward explosions. The large hadron collider  runs from Switzerland that celebrates Swiss National Day on August 1st, into France, which celebrates Bastille Day on July 14th. The fact that the rest of the world doesn’t match its calendar to ours has never stopped the US news confederacy from acting like it should though.

The worst part about it all is that, with all the hype surrounding the search for Higgs boson and the annoying name “the God Particle” is the offence fundementalist religious organizations have been taking to it. The god particle phrase was taken from a book and pumped up by the media. It’s a phrase that makes hard core religious nuts even nuttier because they think it is going to be used as an anti-god argument. Scientists argeed that it should be nicknamed the ‘Champagne particle’  I like the ‘Duct tape particle’ because it can impart mass and holds the universe together. Maybe scientists should call it midi-chlorians so we can hate them for bastardizing a beloved childhood memory. The fervor surrounding tomorrow’s conference seems too over blown though. Sure, if they find Higgs boson, it will be a huge step for physics. If they just come out and say they have narrowed it down and the believe they are getting close, after all the hype, the crazed, anti-science fundamentalists will score it loudly as a win for religion against science and probably make a silly banner or two so we know just how smart they is.

I hope the found it, I really want to know how it all works and why it all works that way. I couldn’t be happy living in the world I was born into, where people just didn’t question things they were told they didn’t need to understand by people that had no ability to grasp those things anyway. Either way it goes tomorrow, whether they make a blockbuster discovery or they have no complete info to show, I can live knowing one thing, Phantom Menace was so terrible that it still haunts me even though I only watched it the one time.

Thanks- Joe

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