Of Atheism and the act of cooling.

The other day a family member asked me if I really believed that Atheism thing or if I was just trying to be one because it is the “cool” thing these days.  My family is very religious, always has been but for me it didn’t stick.  I went to church and tried to fit in but was never without a question that any preacher with even the highest level of godly knowledge could answer. I was even struck a few times in my life for asking too many difficult questions. At eleven years of age I remarked that if we were not meant to question Gods word, why would he give us the ability to ask those questions. What I received was the most ridiculous answer, an answer so insipid and uninspired that it absolutely destroyed my belief that I was just not getting it and made me realize that these people were just too stupid or scared to try and answer it. The answer was “Well Joe, the lord works in mysterious ways, he is impossible to know. Your question reminds me of another one I heard; could God make a rock so heavy that he could not lift it? “.  Then he gave me a look like he had just blown my mind, which he in no way had.  My mind has been blown only thrice in my life and it did not burst, it inflated. Two of the three involved mind altering substances of course and the third involved the Rocky Mountains but those stories are too involved for now. What I want to talk about is cool Atheists and dumb religious folk and how these people have killed my faith in everything.

I have not always been spiteful, jaded and argumentative, I became so after the age of twelve. It was the age when I could finally see the stupidity that was being forced into all the young people around me as well as myself. The odd thing about other kids of the same age was they were eating all the spoon fed, pseudo philosophical tripe like it was the finest creamed smarts in a caramel sauce with a dollop of angel brain. I recall endless conversations about God’s ability to make items he couldn’t pick up and being ostracized for the mere mention that, if one god could exist in an infinite and expanding universe; Wouldn’t it be feasible that many gods could exist as well? At least as many gods as intelligent species in the cosmos. Or that on a more awe inspiring basis, the cosmos rolled dice and all sides came up evolution of the human race?  All I would ever get in return were things like; Could God create a 1973 Buick Centurion with such a complicated internal combustion engine that he couldn’t get it to turn over? I have nothing against people trying to think outside of their own universe and for many of my childhood friends, thinking higher than the lowest branch on the climbing tree was a bit much for them. Not to say I am the brightest lightening bolt on Thurseblot but I am always trying to learn more than I knew the day before and never leave an authority unquestioned.

Questioning authority is of the utmost importance in our lives if we ever want to be a free minded society. When I think of an authority figure, be it religious, political, what have you, I always think about the bosses I have had to work for in my life. Seriously dumb cunts to a man.  The problem is, some other dumb cunt gave them the position they were in. I use cunt because it is the most derogatory word I can use to show my disdain for these people in a way that doesn’t take five hundred words and some blood.  These people are power mad and any small amount of said power gives them a hard on for more.  They tend toward stupid, barely articulate and proudly obese, yet act as though they are birthed from the rays of Father Sol himself.  If you have ever had a menial labor job in your life then you know their type.  These are the same people that are in areas of authority in our world.  We have very few true Literati and boat loads of inept, enraged, engorged pud trickles that would be long dead in a world of man versus nature but survive quite well in our ass versus couch society.  I learned many years ago that a job is just a job but pissing off the area manager of a retail video game outlet by quitting and making him work a store in the slummy side of town the day after Thanksgiving is worth every day of Ramen noodles and no cable.   Many of the authority figures I have met hate being questioned and thrive on other peoples fear and weakness and when someone questions their opinion or intelligence they puff up like a blow fish demon from an anime.  So please, please always question authority. Those with any decent amount of knowledge in a given field will usually share it quite happily but people that are full of crap and afraid you will discover it, they just get angry when questioned, it’s a classic tell of a bull shitter.

Finally, as for Atheism being cool. Is it?  I know I have heard trendy little hipsters talking about their Atheist ideals at bars but they also talk about shitty music a lot and equally shitty movies or books that nobody but hipsters read.  I just consider a lot of these people to just be kids doing dumb things at the point in their lives that they do things that are dumb. It is part of life, to grab on to an idea and discuss it at a bar with your friends while you drink some green and blue thing that cost too damn much. So maybe, at this moment in the hipster universe it is cool to be an Atheist but one of these days those chic little guys and gals will have to experience mortality in an other than cinematic form and then we will see. It’s easy to be an Atheist when you’re still hanging on the umbilical cord but it is a different story all together when the old specter of death is draped over your shoulder telling you he would like to get to know you better and you should stop by soon.   One good scare on the Vespa and you will have a trendy prayer circle in no time flat.

Just more rage, thanks for giving it your time.

– Joe-

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