A Brief Look At Tragedy

Whenever a major news story hits, the last thing any of them do – despite the fact that it should be the second thing they do(after paying proper respect to victims) – is look at the actual numbers involved in the story.  In the case of the tragedy in Aurora, CO, naturally they’re going to focus on the human interest aspect first and foremost, but before the smoke clears and before the gunshot wounds stop bleeding, the small minded leeches ooze from their slimy caves to use it as a chance to make a political point.  The onslaught of worthless ideas oozing forth from the facial buttholes of our beloved talking heads, makes this writer think that they would provide a greater service to the world if they would only smash their noses with a hammer instead of subjecting us to their endless wind-baggery.  I get it, there’s only so many issues you can invent before you’re no longer relevant and asking a pundit to show restraint is like asking a dolphin not to rape someone.   But with the many tragedies in American history and those yet to come, I still wish folks would learn that speaking too soon ultimately makes them look stupid.  Though I can hardly take the high ground when I’m about to take such a callous position on mass killings.

Despite the number of mass murders that have occurred in my lifetime, I still have not become immune.  Whenever these stories hit the news I feel for the victims deeply before hitting the input button on the remote control and turning on the X Box.  And although I tend to head straight into “too soon” joke mode, my heart still goes out to those who have been hit by these horrible acts.  Unfortunately, they will continue to happen every few years and not a single new law will prevent them.  Psychotic assholes are nothing if not determined.  Perhaps you can take refuge in the fact that 12 in 300 million puts the odds in your favor.


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