Mark Dayton Sucks Almost As Much As The News Media

In a wide ranging interview with the Associated Press, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton stated his plan to extend same-sex benefits to government employees, but still opposes loosening marijuana laws.  This includes medical use.  Since the political wind on gay marriage has shifted, democrats can finally dispense with the dithering nonsense about claiming they support gay rights but still believe marriage is between one man and one woman.  This means that Dayton can publicly support gay marriage, gay benefits, and gay rodeo clowns etc, without much fear of losing votes.  However, despite mountains of information about cannabis, rural folk still seem to have a Reefer Madness view of the drug and therefore Dayton can’t publicly support it.  But then again, he could also be tragically ignorant, or under the control of special interests who pad his pockets.  The astoundingly daft statement by Dayton, “I don’t think we need another drug operating in our society” clearly illustrates that he’s an asshole.  I’ll give you a minute to ponder that quote while I count how many of my of the 95 contacts on my phone could hook me up with a bag of weed right now.  Done?  The answer is 95 and I don’t smoke pot.  Okay, thank your for reading.

But wait, Scott, you said wide ranging interview.  What about the rest of what he said?  Way to hold me to task,  hypothetical inquirer.  Unfortunately, I can only devote one paragraph to Mark Dayton’s staggering idiocy.  Instead, I am forced to wonder why in savory fuck I can’t find the full interview with the Associated Press.  It’s not on their website; and any web search for “Mark Dayton Associated Press interview” yields other news outlets talking about gays and ganja.  Why must we be spoon fed the latest hot button tidbits instead of being allowed to read the whole story?  Perhaps it’s time for me to get press credentials.


5 thoughts on “Mark Dayton Sucks Almost As Much As The News Media

  1. Mark dayton is the DEA bitch and that’s really who he sides with. They pay
    him well to stay an ignorant piece of shit.

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