Month: January 2014


I am terribly sorry for not swearing at anyone recently, at least in blog form that is. Other projects are sapping my limited talents these days and I don’t have a lot of time to try and make wordiness and pissings. That said, I had to tell someone to go fuck themselves. Overly pious cunts that say things like, “You just wait until judgement day” or ” What will you say when you meet god”? Oy, these fucking people with their, wait until our father gets home, mentality. I know they think they win the battle of wits when the whip out that old gem like a man with two penises whips out his cocks at a who has more cocks competition. It is exactly as effective as me yelling “Wait until my nuclear powered, three headed duck monkey gives you all the syphilis”! It sounds just as crazy and almost as imaginary. So stop it, just stop it and go fuck yourself with it. Don’t say it in public, don’t type it online, just don’t do it. Especially don’t do it in caps lock. Great, we get it, you are yelling. maybe you can internet yell so loud that god will notice and be like ” Hey, that was alright; you wanna sit over by me and kill us up some sinners? Lake of fire, pip pip, and what not”. Yelling is the first action in an incomplete argument, caps lock yelling is just sad unless it is used IRONICALLY!!!!!!!!!! So stop it.