A Message From Scott And Joe

Hi, this is a blog by two Atheists who enjoy drink and revelry and give not a hate-me jizz of your morals or complaints(or internet assembled philosophy). We are here to discuss ourselves, our friends, experiences and ideas, and make jokes and fight with each other. Sometimes we agree, sometimes not, and sometimes we violently clash over which whiskey Tony Stark prefers.  We will drink a lot and show you how corrupt, ugly and stupid we, and the human experience has become. Not only do you all sicken us but we also, in addition sicken us. Before you post about how horrible you think we might be, you need to know that we are restraining ourselves from unleashing the vile ugliness of our immortal (irony) souls. Some things we post will be funny, some things we post will be angry, some things we post will be fueled by whiskey and narcotics, one thing we post will be fueled by Vodka and fisting but all things we post will be from the depths of our sour, black hearts. More importantly most will come from our minds. We are deviants, we are intelligent, not in the ‘Oh look at the lighting on Raphael’s Madonna of the Grand Duke’ sort of way, but in an actual, been there, survived that, sort of way to some extent and we accept that with no sorrow. There will also be cartoons and so, so many booze references because, let’s face it, in today’s world, the sane need to drink to try and forget that we live surrounded by a a society that has chosen idiocy and complacency over freedom of thought and wild abandon. You may enjoy partaking in our many scribblings, you may wish us a home on one of those fanciful, fiery pitchfork points that don’t actually exist except for in poorly thought out dogmatic drivel. We are here for you love or hate, rich or poor, better or worse, sexy or sexy.  Let’s face it, we’re sexy.

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